Jammette® is a music dice game that appeals mainly to musicians who enjoy improvising. Special dice are used to set up randomly various musical parameters. The audience might be invited to throw the dice... thrilling the musicians who must show creativity after each draw !

The game rules are intentionally simple so as to let each participant use his utmost creativity. Choosing freely is essential as long as the rules of harmony are respected. A valuable life lesson !

Beyond its playfulness, Jammette has an educational goal. Indeed, it invites the musician to modify or learn 'live' harmony rules and scales. Using additional dice, Jammette is therefore accessible to conservatory students or music schools as well as to beginners who will profit from an educational harmony version based on learning cards found in the case.

Jammette is also environmentally friendly as only raw material is used in its making (wood, fabric, cardboard, packaging). Jammette is 100% recyclable, but who would ever want to recycle this game ? Jammette unites people ! Nothing more magical for the musicians than these moments of shared creativity, and for the dazzled spectators carried away by the music...


Musiciens du monde, merci de nous aider à traduire les règles du jeu dans votre langue maternelle.

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